Some Key Things To Note When Looking For Accredited GED Online Classes

Due to the high reliability of the internet in this age and day, you can easily pursue a college degree as a motorhome owner and possible fulltime resident, certification or any other higher education credential online without much hassle. As a matter of fact, there are numerous institutions offering free degree courses to dedicated and willing learners. Studying online comes with a number of advantages. First and foremost, most online course programs are shorter than the regular school-based programs. Secondly, you get more control and liberty when it comes to time since you do not have to physically attend classes. It can be suitable for people trying to balance between work and study. Thirdly, online courses are generally cheaper than the regular school-based programs. When it comes to GED or high school diplomas, however, there are a few things you might want to know if you intend to pursue GED online.

What is GED?

Depending on the region you come from, GED is an acronym for General Education Development or General Education Diploma. GED courses are internationally recognized and are offered by a good number of higher learning institutions and high schools in different parts of the world. Once you complete the classes, a test is usually offered, after which you are awarded a high school diploma or equivalency certificate if you pass the end examinations. GED certificates add value to your credentials, and apart from being resourceful when it comes to admission in a higher learning or training institution, it can also help you secure a job.

Online GED Classes

Just like with colleges and universities, a good number of high schools and other education institutions are offering GED classes online. They are generally also shorter and mostly cheaper. However, not all such courses offered over the internet may be legitimate. Some are offered by institutions or individuals out to defraud innocent people looking to satisfy their hunger for knowledge. It is thus highly crucial that you be extremely keen when looking to study online, and confirm you are dealing with legitimate institution offering Accredited GED Online Classes before enrolling. Even for the courses that claim to be free, you do not want to risk wasting your time dealing with non-officially recognized and accredited institutions. So how do you find out is a GED online course is scam or legitimate?

Do Your Research and Determine Accreditation

Even though it might take you some effort to conduct research about an institution, it pays to find out whether they possess the proper accreditation before enrolling with them online. As a matter of fact, a GED certification or high school diploma that is obtained from an unrecognized organization is not only next to useless but may even be considered as illegal depending on where you come from. As you conduct your research, be sure to check that the school is listed as an accredited institution by agencies such as the MSA-CESS, NWAC, and WASC among others. It is also important to confirm their listing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Beware of self-proclaimed accredited institutions.

The Duration of Study

As much as it can feel nice to be awarded a high school equivalency diploma within a few classes and a test, higher chances are that such a school may not be legitimate. Also, look out for institutions that charge you for the test after passing. Stay away from such an organization, especially if it is not a well known and recognized school. Legitimate schools require you to work towards earning your GED and pay up for the test before taking it.

Doubt Institutions Offering Online GED Test

Even though the classes may be available online, you have every reason to be wary of an institution that claims to offer the GED test online. Legitimate organizations provide the test only from certified testing centers, which you have to attend physically and take the test in person. The following website can be helpful if you want to find out more about GED tests: http://www.gedtestingservice.com/testers/test-taker-home.

Look Out For the Imposter-Scam Technique

Scammers are known to be quite creative and intelligent. In some cases, you will find an illegitimate organization with two school websites, one of them looking unprofessional and another one looking legitimate. Even though imposter sites do actually exist, one can easily fall prey to the double-scam trick and end up enrolling with the GED online site that looks professional.

It is also highly important to find out the experience and reputation of a school before taking their GED courses. Look at their website and check out testimonials from students, read reviews and be certain that you are dealing with a legitimate institution before enrolling.

Some Websites Offering Accredited GED Online Classes

1. Rio Salado College

Fees: $125

Link: https://is.gd/jK0Du6

Address and Contacts:

• Email: abeged.department@riosalado.edu.

• Phone: 480-517-8110, 480-377-4050

2. Richard J. Daley College

Name of Institution: City Colleges of Chicago

Link: https://is.gd/JpLq1D

Address and Contacts:

• Address: 7500 South Pulaski, Chicago, IL 60652
• Mail: City Colleges of Chicago, 226 W. Jackson Blvd, Chicago, Il 60606
Email: khayes32@ccc.edu
• Phone: 773-838-7803

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