If The Need Arises - How To Live Fulltime In A Motorhome

Even though living fulltime in your motorhome is bound to be a wonderful and life changing experience, there are a few vital things that you need to take into consideration when making this choice. Here are a few tips on how to live fulltime in a motorhome and effortlessly dive right into your new lifestyle. These include but are not limited to the following;

The first thing you need to take into consideration is whether you want to lease or purchase a motorhome. This is an important factor since the cost of getting a good motorhome can be quite substantial. Generally, motorhomes can either have diesel or gas engines and are typically quite comfortable. They are also the preferred option for many users due to the minimal set-up that’s required when compared against other options such as travel trailers, toy haulers and fifth wheels.

Just like any other plan that involves some finances, you need to not only develop, but also stick to your budget. Whether you are retiree or still employed, it is highly recommended that you have a monthly budget and have the discipline to stick to it so as to ensure that you have all the essentials and any other extras which you may need in case of an emergency. Put simply, you should give your motorhome the same budgetary concerns as you would give your traditional home. You should also take into consideration the unique budgetary demands that your motorhome or RV will demand. These may include items such as propane, diesel or gas, RV parks fee if you are staying in a paid location, entertainment as well as food.

Once you have gone over your budget and identified the most appropriate motorhome, you should then make a decision regarding where you want to live. The location you choose is very important since it not only gives you an opportunity to choose the most appropriate location that fits your lifestyle but also allows you to choose the state that has the best tax benefits. There are states which don’t have individual income tax; this is a huge factor if you are retired or working and receiving an income.

When your home is on wheels, chances are that you may not feel the need for alternate transportation. However, it is highly recommended that you consider towing your car or store one in a central location. Having a second vehicle is ideal because first and foremost, your motorhome is not the most fuel efficient car out there in the market. In the event that you want to take a short or scenic drive somewhere, you are better off leaving your motorhome parked and save on fuel by using your other car. The other reason why you need to get an alternative car is because your motorhome is by no means the easiest vehicle to navigate and drive around.

After taking into consideration all the above factors, you should prepare for life on the road by ensuring that your motorhome is fitted with all the essential facilities and that they are all functional. Ensure that the bathrooms are working and consider whether you need to include laundry facilities or not. If you don’t have this facility then you should make plans to stop-over in towns as you travel and have your laundry done. Since not all areas offer free Wi-Fi, you should seriously consider getting a wireless internet subscription for your internet needs. If you have pets, you should be considerate about the number of pets you can comfortably handle and the level of comfort you will be according them. You should take into consideration the available free space and also take into consideration their exercise and feeding needs as well.

Finally, even though living in a motorhome is very rewarding, you should always have a backup plan which you can easily bring to life in case of an emergency. Come up with a plan on what you should do when your motorhome needs some major repair or overhaul or even when you have medical problems which may prevent you from travelling. Make a point of maintaining a savings account that can allow you to live comfortably for six months or a year without your motorhome. Having a well protected future does allow you to fully enjoy your life on the road.

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