How To Tailgate At A Football Game In A Motorhome - How To Throw A Party In The Stadium Parking Lot

Tailgating is a trendy activity that is closely connected with American football games. In essence, these are fun parties, which are held in the parking lots of football games’ venues. Like it is commonly said, the parking lot is exactly where the party really is. As such, there happens to be no awesome way of tailgating than in an RV. To begin with, you will get to obtain the services of a fridge where you can conveniently store all your perishable foodstuffs and favorite beverages in large amounts. You will as well get to benefit from the services of a fully equipped kitchen. A kitchen which comes with appliances such as a microwave, stovetop and perhaps an oven.

At the same time, a motorhome offers capacious countertops as well as handy power outlets. This definitely means you can if you wish tag along a slow cooker, a blender and virtually all the things that can make football game feast complete. An RV can as well provide sufficient storage space for a variety of tailgating essentials. Some of the most notable are grills, tables, chairs, coolers and so on and so forth. On the other hand, tailgating in an RV can let you realize considerable savings as you follow your favorite team from one location to the next. When contrasted with the overall ordinary travel costs including booking hotel rooms, RV travel is highly noted for being one of the most affordable ways of showcasing your devotion to your team. Well then, here are some tips on how to tailgate at a football game in a motorhome, which can prove to be invaluable if you wish to do so.

Set aside enough time to ascertain the RV policies of the venue you wish to have your tailgate

Generally speaking, RV parking as well as RV tailgating policies, for the most part, tend to vary from one sports venue to the next. For instance, when it comes to college football games, there are some institutions that provide reserved RV parking for entire seasons. While there are others which offer single game passes for motor home fans. So, it is always important to determine just where you stand, prior to making your parking reservations. Also, most colleges permit RV fans to park in these special lots, commencing from Thursday or Friday, if the game will be held on Saturday, and are allowed to remain there until Sunday. The regulations of alcohol drinking tend to vary from one venue to the other too. This means you will have to determine this issue beforehand to avoid any disappointments. As for amenities, most football game venues provide water along with electricity hook-ups. All in all, it will be extremely prudent of you to take all the necessary time you need to contact the venue authorities. This will go a long way in enabling you to completely comprehend the motor home tailgating policies and procedures they have put in place.

Gather all the foodstuffs and drinks you wish to bring to the game

As a rule of thumb, it is highly recommended that you tag along ready to eat foodstuffs or even those which can be prepared in rapid and stress-free manner. Some of the most prominent of these include BBQ steaks hamburgers, grilled chicken, kebabs, sausages, hot dogs and so on. Still, if this does not appeal to you, you can always make good use of your motor home’s kitchen to prepare the food you wish to relish at the tailgating party. When it comes to snacks, you can stock on meatball sandwiches, nachos, corn chips, pretzels to name but a few. As for suitable tailgating drinks, you can bring along soda, juice, alcohol and even water. This, of course depends on the exact preferences of those you will be partying with. Still, like it was earlier mentioned, always make sure you ascertain beforehand the game’s venue policy for alcohol consumption and utilization of glass containers. In the event alcohol is permitted, ensure you stock up on sufficient plastic cups. Also, in cold seasons, you might like to bring along hot beverages. This can include coffee, tea, cocoa or even mulled cider. On a parting shot, always make it a point to clean up after the tailgating party comes to a close. To this end, make sure you stock your motor home with garbage disposal items such as plastic bags and brooms.

Ensure one of the guys has a large vehicle to accommodate all the items needed

Different items required for your tailgate will help you to know what type of car to use. Some of things you need include keg, folding furniture, etc. That means you need a good planning for everything to go smoothly. This will also ensure that everyone is catered for adequately.

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