Obtain Easy Access To Sleep With The Right Motorhome Bunk Bed Ladder

Just like bunk beds, the motorhome bunk bed ladders are made of a wide variety of materials such as wood, metal or a combination of metal and wood. Bunk ladders can be made of engineered wood which is produced from recycled materials or real wood. Metal ladders can be fashioned out of steel, aluminum, iron as well as other alloys. Metal ladders are a popular choice since they tend to have a contemporary appeal, whilst still being easy to maintain and care for. On the other hand, wooden ladders are preferred due to their unique qualities such as grain density, strength and overall durability.

When choosing bunk bed ladders for a motorhome, it is important to ensure that the unit has been well constructed. In addition, the unit should not be easily detachable by a child; there should be some element of permanence. The ladder should not be designed to be moved around and should therefore be fixed or stationary. For children, you should ensure that they use the ladder at all times and they should be discouraged from either jumping, sliding down the top bunk or using a toy box or chair to climb up the bed.

With a prominent location often at the center or front of a bunk bed, ladders can either act as a complete eyesore or become an integral element that not only unifies but also brings function to the entire bunk bed design. There are several types of ladders used on bunk beds; these include vertical, sloped and storage ladders or stairs.

Sturdy vertical ladders are normally attached securely to the bunk bed frame and can also double up as supports. To get a more cohesive look, it is highly recommended that you use the same material for the ladder as well as the guard rail on the top bunk. You can opt for either a strong 2 by 2 steel bars or hardwood lumber. It is important to note though that since vertical ladders are generally more difficult to climb, they are ideal for older children or teens.

Sloped ladders are also very popular, since they provide a comfortable climb to the top bunk bed. A low slope is ideal for younger children and is much safer. A sloped ladder does also allow the use of a wider bed below. However, sloped ladders generally require a very stable footing on the floor at the bottom as well as a secure temporary or permanent attachment at the end that’s resting against the top bed frame. If you are keen on having a vintage, stylish look, then you can even opt for an antique library ladder to give you that magical look and feel. For those who are keen on a look that’s neat and uncluttered then a detachable sloped ladder that hooks onto the guard rail when in use and then packs away when not in use can be ideal.

To prevent any injuries and falls, you should never allow children to play on bunk bed ladders. Always make a point of showing them how to carefully maneuver their way up and down the ladders and as earlier mentioned, always insist on them using the ladders every time they are going up or coming down the bed. It is also not advisable to allow children to attach belts, ropes or any other long strips of material to the bed since such items may strangle or trip a child. The ladder should be lit at night with a small bulb or light so as that your child can see his or her steps up or down the ladder. Finally, don’t use the stairs if they are damaged or broken. Be on the lookout for loose joints, unsecured fasteners and any other cracks.

Here are some of the most popular motorhome bunk bed ladders readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Stromberg –Carlson 60” Bunk Ladder

Product Price: $ 58.35

Product URL: https://is.gd/7l6DRc

Product Details: this ladder does include padded rubber treads as well as two styles of attachment for safety. This includes extrusions and hooks which make the unit not only safe to use but also quite durable as well.

2) Product Name: Top Line 60” Hook 1 Bunk Ladder

Product Price: $ 69.94

Product URL: https://is.gd/AqMhxU

Product Details: the unit is made using high strength 6063 T6 Aluminum alloy, ensuring it can support up to 300 pounds. The steps are padded so as to prevent slipping, giving you a cushioned and warm feel. All parts of the unit are finished so as to avoid instances of snagging clothing.

3) Product Name: Surco 66” Bunk Ladder with Hook Retainer

Product Price: $ 63.37

Product URL: https://is.gd/EJh92z

Product Details: manufactured from heavy gauge one inch aluminum, the unit is strong and sturdy. It does also have a very smooth satin anodized finish. The steps are wrapped with nylon pads, providing users with maximum comfort.

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