Hardware For Your Motorhome Cabinet Repair Needs

With an asset such as a motorhome which is limited in terms of space, it is important to have proper storage so as to keep everything tidy and well organized. In this regard, the initial step towards achieving this is to ensure that you have an efficient and effective motorhome cabinet that's well maintained. Because of the frequency of use, a cabinet is bound to wear pretty fast and because of this, you must constantly keep your cabinet in good condition. To door this, you need to update some motorhome hardware parts such as knobs, pulls, doors, hinges, slide sockets etc. these parts are very important because they not only save you in storage space but also ensure your items are secure as you move around on the road.

When choosing your cabinet hardware, make sure whatever you are buying is aesthetic. You obviously want the interior of your motorhome to look good. When choosing a part, make sure you choose a part that’s going to accentuate existing themes in your space. Don’t go for hinges that show if you have an option of using hidden hinges. If you are looking for pulls, go for round ones: they tend to facilitate a more modern design.

You should also be concerned about the practicality of the hardware part. Knobs, pulls and handles are bound to be used every frequently. Make a point of choosing materials which feel nice against your skin. avoid sharp knobs that can snag your clothing.

It is also important to ensure that all the hardware pieces you are buying are safe, this is especially so if you have young kids in your family. Don’t buy ill fitting drawer slide pockets or anything part such as knob or pull which may have a small metal knob which accidentally fall off your cabinet and become a choking hazard. You should also avoid having those long and tubular pulls which can get small fingers stuck in.

Here are some more popular motorhome cabinet hardware worth taking a look at. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Fastec 2 Way Face Frame Cabinet Door Hinges

Product URL: http://is.gd/eWplhu

Product Price: $ 2.97

Product Details: this is a metal self closing hinge with a sturdy wrap around a four prong base plate for “face frame. They are sold two per package and come complete with a set of mounting screws. They are easy to change and come in different colors, so irrespective of the color of your cabinet, you are bound to get one that blends.

2) Product Name: Camper Drawer Slide Sockets

Product URL: http://is.gd/C7dttN

Product Price: $ 5.47

Product Details: these RV drawer slide sockets do support side mounted metal drawer slides. The dimensions are 2 1/8 “by 1 ” adjustable base with a 2.5 inch long socket. It should be noted that they do fit the 7/8 “slides. It is sold complete with screws and a one year warranty.

3) Product Name: Folding Shelf Brackets

Product URL: http://is.gd/S7zwHl

Product Price: $ 8.97

Product Details: measuring 8” by 8” by 7/8”, these brown painted heavy duty steel shelf folding bracket are strong and sturdy since they are made from high quality and durable press. They are also easy to fix and do come two per package with 1” mounting screws. If you want to save space in your motorhome, then these folding shelf brackets are quite ideal, making it very simple and easy for users to snap in their shelves in place.

4) Product Name: 1 ¼ “Polished Brass Cabinet Knob

Product URL: http://is.gd/ZfrXCe

Product Price: $ 1.29

Product Details: this is considered by many as one of the main essentials in a Motorhome cabinet hardware kit, this particular knob is bound to add lots of style and requisite sparkle in your indoor space. This well polished knob made from brass is available in several finishes such as satin nickel. it is worth mentioning that this knob is sold with mounting screws, making its installation quite hassle free and easy to manage.

5) Product Name: 3” Polished White/Brass Cabinet Pull

Product URL: http://is.gd/GiLTqz

Product Price: $ 2.79

Product Details: this cabinet pull allows users to add some class and style to their motorhome. It is a 3” polished brass pull that comes with a white cabinet insert that’s easy to install for anyone. It is also sturdy and strong, allowing it to be used and abused in equal measure. For purposes of blending, these pulls are sold with a set of corresponding mounting screws which are also easy to fix. It is a good addition to any kitchen because it is quite stylish.

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