Motorhome Closet Doors That Redefine Your Closet Space

Because a motorhome serves as a home away from home, it has to have essential things inside it. For example, a closet is just one of those units you must not miss in your RV, otherwise, you'll have to deal with the issue of wrinkled clothes all the time, plus your bedroom will lack that special touch that rooms with closets have.

Most RVs have some sort of closet intact. But there are times when you might need a replacement closet door because the one you have doesn't look good, or is broken due to aging. But regardless of your motive for replacing or installing a motorhome door, one thing still stands; that you must have them.

Therefore, space is just one of the considerations you have to make when replacing closet doors since your RV doesn't measure up to a full house capacity. Furthermore, you want that door to function in a way that gives you easy access to the contents inside your closet.

The top 3 closet doors you should be familiar with

1) Traditional hinged-swinging closet doors

The traditional design is the most common closet door you'll find everywhere, including inside recreational vehicles. These doors swing via hinges when opened or closed. This type of door also lets you increase the storage size of your closet by installing hooks, racks and pockets on the back of the door, rather than in the inside of the closet.

The only downside with these closet doors is that they need space when opening them; you can't have things standing on the way. Obviously this can result in traffic floor problems inside the room, and especially if you're many of you.

2) Sliding doors

Flow of traffic shouldn't be an issue, thanks to the sliding mechanism of these doors, they don't consume space. These also come in various styles and finishes to accommodate every individual's taste. You can have them in frosted or translucent glass. You can also have them in mirrored or raised panel, the choice is yours.

The only pitfall with these doors is that they will only allow access to one side of the closet at a time, so forget about having complete access to your closet simultaneously. Again, if the room is too small, fully mirrored options can easily overwhelm the room.

3) Bi-fold doors

They're designed to fold back in any of the sides. They are a great alternative to sliding doors since they give complete access to the closet. They also take half the size of floor space compared to swinging doors. The problem is that they will use twice the moving parts of sliding doors, which means added expense in buying those equipments when installing or carrying out repairs.

4) The alternative door

Just like we said, options come in a variety of choices. Now it's your turn to get creative with your closet door needs. For example, you could opt for closet doors with pockets since they are a nice option for closets that remain open most of the time. You could also use panels of fabric for your closet door to add style and texture to your room.

And lastly, you could choose a rustic design which involves using a barn door which slides on a top track. These doors add details to the surrounding room.

Motorhome closet doors for you

1) Lower sliding closet doors

These are frame-less hinged doors which are multipurpose in function, so you don't have to restrict them to your closet needs alone. The manufacturer has them in a variety of styles and sizes, all hinged. The price is not stated, but you can generally read about them here http://is.gd/7uEilF

2) Wooden wardrobe closet door (sliding)

This sliding design wooden door was created for all modern bedroom appearance inside your RV. Wood style is panel, and the material is melamine. It has a high glossy panel, with finish that is resistant to UV. They are ordered in sets which should not cost more than $400 -  http://is.gd/Ll34We.

3) Oak flat 3 panel shaker double swing interior door

This is a handcrafted natural wooden door that was created for all purpose use. Hinges, lock sets and handles are provided with the purchase. The availability of various finishes on these doors should fulfill your cabinet door needs. The price is $74 ==> http://is.gd/Ll34We.

4) Triple louvered 3-tracking sliding door

This is a smooth in appearance, environmentally-friendly sliding door for your RV closet. It's modern in design, easy to clean and pocket-friendly. The cost is $35 (on the higher end) - http://is.gd/RjnSFd.

5) Hot sell Bi-fold closet doors

These are folding cabinet doors made of aluminum alloy panels to guarantee durability. They feature luxurious appearance, custom design and a damping system. However, they are quite pricey since the least you can pay for them is $100 per set (http://is.gd/kSWx5J).

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