How To Choose The Right Motorhome Insurance Provider

With so many motorhome insurance providers readily available in the market, choosing the most appropriate insurance policy for your motorhome can be a daunting task. You need to ensure that that you get the correct insurance for your motorhome, depending on how you intend to use the motorhome. Don’t be solely driven by how much you are bound to save and then end up getting a policy that doesn’t provide you with what you want or need. Here are some important tips worth taking into consideration.

You should never make the mistake of insuring your motorhome under a normal car policy. This is not only unlawful, but will also ensure that you don’t get the requisite cover. Always keep in mind that a motorhome is much more than a car, as a matter of fact, it is a motorized home.

As earlier mentioned, desist from the temptation of buying a motorhome insurance policy on the basis of its cheap or expensive price alone. Even though a cheap policy is bound to look attractive at the onset and an expensive one will most likely give you a sense of false assurance; the main area of concern should be what the policy in question covers and what it doesn’t cover. In this regard, you shouldn’t assume that everything you want or spoke about with your agent is included in the policy. Make sure you read your policy documents and ensure that the cover does satisfy your needs. Don’t take any verbal promise, get everything in writing and have it signed. Go through the small print and ensure that what is written therein doesn’t in anyway put you at a disadvantage.

As a motorhome owner, you are fully aware that the units don’t come cheap; they are quite pricey to say the least. It therefore makes sense to take out a fully comprehensive insurance so that you are guaranteed of some first rate cover.

For those who intend to travel abroad with their motorhomes, they must ensure that the insurance cover that they take does cover them for both the time they are away and the countries you intend to visit. Talk to your service provider and inquire about the plans they have in this category, make sure you state the countries you intend to visit and how long you intend to stay abroad. Most providers tend to have a standard EU cover while some countries outside the EU also have their own special rates.

You should also try and get a service provider who offers you some extras with the policy cover. These extras may include discounts if you have more than one policy, reduced deductibles and other goodies. It is also highly recommended that you do some due diligence and find out if the service provider is a good claims payer. You don’t want to engage the services of a service provider who doesn’t pay claims or takes an inordinately long period of time to get payments done. You should also ensure that the organization you are engaging have good customer care, find out if they are reachable on a 24 hour basis, how fast they respond to queries and how cooperative they with their clients.

Here are some of the leading motorhome insurance providers in the market. they include but are not limited to the following:

1)  Progressive Casualty Insurance Company

Mailing Address: P.O Box 6807 Cleveland, OH 44101

Phone Numbers: 1-855-347-3939

Web URL: http://is.gd/N1MTB1

Other Services Offered: the company does have a very large product portfolio, offering property insurance which include homeowners, renters, condo, mobile home etc. for vehicle insurance, they have collector Auto, Boat , motorcycle as well as ATV insurance

2)  Nationwide RV Assurance

Mailing Address: 15301 Venture Blvd, Bldg B, Suite 310, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Phone Numbers: 1-877-669-6877

Web URL: http://is.gd/TM9UIA

Other Services Offered: the motorhome insurance cover does include collision coverage for both RVs and motorhomes, comprehensive coverage for motorhomes, underinsured or uninsured coverage, medical payments coverage, towing and labor coverage as well as vacation liability for motorhomes and awning replacement.


Mailing Address: One GEICO Plaza, Washington, D.C 20076

Phone Number: 1-877-434-2678

Web URL: http://is.gd/ExyMyF

Other Services Offered: apart from motorhome insurance, the company does also offer a wide range of products such as other forms of vehicle insurance, property insurance, business insurance which include business owners cover, general liability, professional liability, commercial auto and ride sharing. They also offer some additional insurance products such as identity protection, travel, overseas etc.

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