Steps To Purchasing The Right Motorhome Mattress

The comfort of your motorhome's bed relies on the type of mattress you've chosen for it. Because space is a major constraint in an RV, it's crucial that you choose a mattress that fits well in the alloted space. What's more, the material used to make the mattress must be able to meet the same comfort level you get at home. So if you're planning to get a replacement mattress for your RV, then this guide will take you through the steps of choosing the ultimate motorhome mattress.

1) Size of the mattress

Size is a major factor to consider when it comes to buying replacement mattresses. Because RV beds tend to be smaller than average-size beds at home, special mattresses are available exclusively for RV usage. Common size mattresses include 42''X80'', 38''X80'', 32''X79'', 36''X76'', 35''X79'', king, twin, queen, short queen etc.

To get a clue of which size would fit the available space, it's advisable that you take your time and measure the available bed-space. With those measurements handy, you can always pick the right motorhome mattress size.

2) Mattress Type

There are different types of mattress materials to choose, and all this depends on your comfort preferences. Foam RV mattress is the common type for those who don't spend most of their time inside motorhomes. Again, foam mattresses tend to be cheaper than other types of motorhome mattresses.

The second type is called memory foam RV mattress. They are comfortable due to the fact that they are designed with memory foam on top of a high density urethane base.

Again, you must be very keen on the density of the memory foam mattress. Most of them come in a density range of between 2.5 -3.5 lbs. You should choose a density of 4lb because anything thicker than this will always result in poor breathing, thus more sweat.

Finally, the last option for RV-ers who lover comfort is called the Latex RV mattress. It's the most comfortable of all, so you should expect to pay more for it.

3) Total cost

You should know what you'll be paying for the mattress upfront. Some retailers will quot a lower price in the beginning. However, during checkout, you realize that there were hidden costs you were not told initially. These come in form of shipping, handling and tax fees.

4) Density

It's very difficult to know the truth where your mattress density is concerned. Most consumers tend to rely on what retailers tell them. So if your retailer says it's 5.3lb, it might just turn out to be 2.5lb instead.

The only way to find out if your mattress has the exact density as spelt out in the package features is through cutting a cubic foot block of your mattress and putting it on a scale. The challenge is, no one wants to destroy what they've spent money on. Therefore, the bottom line is - approach a retailer who has some reputation, or someone you trust.

And now that we've seen a few things to consider when buying replacement motorhome mattresses, it's time to sample a few of these products from trusted online retailers.

1) Isotonic ISO Cool Mattress Pad 60''X75'' (http://is.gd/zkY4ZV)

This RV mattress has been built with comfort in mind. Consequently, they come designed with luxurious spiral-spun polyester fiber to ensure ultimate comfort. The TightGrip Skirt design fits up to 20'' thick. It's hypo-allergenic, plus the material is machine-washable. Lastly, the manufacturer offers a 5-year limited warranty on this mattress. The price is only $94.

2) InnerSpace 5.5-inch RV Camper Reversible Mattress (http://is.gd/6qfxYn)

This comfy mattress consists of 5.5'' density polyurethane foam. It's been designed to relieve pain caused by imbalanced pressure points during sleep. Furthermore, it eliminates motion transfer between partners sleeping together, and this makes it an excellent family mattress for RV usage.

3) InnerSpace RV Mattress (http://is.gd/hSespL)

The manufacturer claims they've designed this mattress with 100% reflex materials for added comfort and support. The cover is durable, as well as breathable, ensuring that no sweat disrupts your sleep. The material is also hypo-allergenic, ensuring that you don't react to the material in the event that your skin is sensitive. The price is $148.

4) New Full Size RV Trailer Camper Inflatable Sofa Air Bed Mattress, Plus Remote Control (http://is.gd/6MS9pT)

This mattress only needs to be plugged into a wall power outlet to be inflated or deflated accordingly. It measures 56" X 76" X 10" in dimension. A remote control is provided for easy inflation/deflation. The cost if $129.

5) Parklane Mattress 60''X74'' (http://is.gd/G4HCzI)

This is a pillow top mattress specifically designed for RV usage. It has an inner space coil system to ensure comfort and support. It also features a SuperSoft Foam Euro Pillow-top, which the manufacturer says adds comfort. It's available in different sizes to cater for the varying needs of RV campers. The price is $388.

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