Some Popular Motorhome Roof Vent Covers

Air circulation in your motorhome is very important. A roof vent cover is very important because it enables you to get lots of fresh air even if the roof vent is covered. This comes in handy when the weather outside is not favorable enough to allow you to leave your vent bare. The vent cover basically allows a motorhome owner to bring the outside (external) feel inside the unit. Here are some popular motorhome roof vent covers worth taking a look at, they include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: MaxxAir II Vent Cover, Smoke

Product URL: http://is.gd/bCRtuG

Product Price: $ 58.92

Product Details: this roof vent cover does offer twice as much vent area than most vent covers in the market. with this vent cover, you are able to enjoy lots of fresh air inside your motorhome, irrespective of whether it rains or shines. It is important to note that hinged hardware is included for ease of installation. It also prides itself in being a single piece, solid construction with lots of sleek aerodynamic design.

Weighing 4.35 lbs and with dimensions measuring 22.125” in length , 20.25” in width and 9.5” in height this vent cover does come with a six year warranty. It has a new and user friendly feature which allows users to simply pull two clips and open the cover to the side rather than unscrewing them from the roof brackets. The covers are made with transparent plastic and all stainless steel hardware.

2) Product Name: Fan-Tastic Non Powered Roof Vent

Product URL: http://is.gd/VgRG7z

Product Price: $ 36.94

Product Details: this roof vent cover does allow hot air to build up in the ceiling to escape without powered assistance. It opens manually with a simple hand knob and can easily fit into an existing 14” x 14” opening. The product is fitted with the new pop N lock screen and therefore does not need any fasteners. It is fitted with a White ASA, which is a weather- able ABS combined with an opaque dome which does not allow for any light transmission.

It has a white base and interior and the low profile base does fit roof thickness from anything between 1 1/2 “to 6”. It comes with an installation kit with gasket and no sealant. It seals very well when sealed with no leaks whatsoever. The screen can be removed and cleaned and the vent looks very nice and beautiful inside out.

3) Product Name: Fan-tastic Ultra breeze Vent Cover

Product URL: http://is.gd/8wJOPS

Product Price: $ 64.99

Product Details: this advanced design does allow for 75% more airflow than any other roof vent cover in the market. it allows users to keep their vents open in the rain and has been field tested and confirmed to provide much more superior protection for your motorhome vents while still comfortably allowing for anything between 95 and 100 percent airflow.

It is made from injection molded, high density and UV stable polyethylene for long life and durability, it is a two piece construction and comes with a snap in grill and can fit over most 14” by 14” roof vents fitted in most motorhomes. Its hardware kit is easy to clean and maintain.

4) Product Name: Camping World Vent Cover – Translucent

Product URL: http://is.gd/igL4TE

Product Price: $ 29.99

Product Details: this vent cover lets in fresh air in any weather without the need to drill in your motorhome roof, it allows users to keep the interior of the motorhome fresh and ventilated irrespective of the weather. This ramble vent cover does allow lots of fresh air throughout the interior of the motorhome while preventing any instance of heat buildup. The exterior of the vent cover is made from high impact, high quality polypropylene that’s also UV protected. The vent is around ten inches tall and the stainless steel mounting hardware cannot rust. It is worth mentioning that this vent cover should not be used with fan vents under any circumstance.

5) Product Name: One Piece Vent with 12V Fan

Product URL: http://is.gd/vNvm1o

Product Price: $ 63.59

Product Details: this particular roof vent is white in color with a white lid to boot. It can also fit into any 14” by 14” motorhome vent opening. It has a wide 1 ¼ “garnish that’s ideal for covering all screw holes and interior stains which may have been left by previous garnishes. It does come with a 12 volt system and a white enamel single piece metal frame which has some beautifully made radius corners. Around the lid there is a positive seal all weather stripping which ensures that the vent is always well secured and functional. It should also be noted that for this vent cover, the installation kit is usually sold separately.

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