Motorhome Shower Doors That Will Enhance Style And Privacy Inside Your Bathroom

Just like your home, your RV shower room needs to look at its best all the time. In fact, new motorhome shower doors present an economic way to refresh the appearance of your shower room. Although a simple curtain would still work as great, real shower doors offer a more elegant solution in providing privacy, water-tight seal, as well as an easy access to the shower.

These doors come in various configurations, styles and sizes to suite every buyer's pocket. You may choose to install one for basic utilitarian purposes, or as a decorative element which reflect your style.

The designs and door types

The best design is that which goes hand in hand with the design of your RV shower, opening size, as well as space available, which dictates how that door should open or close.

These come in 3 types of design in which you can pick for your RV

They include alcove stand-alone shower doors, bathtub shower doors, and corner stand-alone shower doors.

Here's a further breakdown of what should be expected:

1) Bypass

These are popularly known as sliding doors. They save on space since their mechanism only let them slide past each other instead of opening to the outside. The typical opening size is 60'' wide. They are also ideal for use in wide openings. If your RV has an alcove or corner stand-alone shower with bathtub, they are the most practical solution for you.

2) Round shower doors

They open inwards, plus they are the best where corner stand-alone showers are involved. The top and bottom of the frame is attached using a special mechanism, thus stability and smooth operation is guaranteed. And the curved glass design creates more space inside the bathing area. You can reverse them for both right and left access.

3) Neo-angle

Neo-angle shower corner installations should have doors appropriate to them. That's where Neo-angle shower doors come in. They save on space, and can also be installed to swing right or left. If you have a corner stand-alone shower area, this is another choice you can go for.

Dimension and measurements

This is where you have to select the height and width of your shower room opening. However, if the enclosure is still new, don't take measurements yet. The walls might have been built with materials that change as they dry out. Because of this, they might reduce the wall-to-wall width by a few inches on each side.

Frame design

They can either be framed or frame-less. With the framed option, these can feature aluminum or composite material which frames the glass material. Here, there's a vast array of finishes to complement what you have inside your RV.

These doors also feature a design which can collect and trap water, thus preventing spillage where necessary. They only open from the outside.

On the other hand, the frame-less option is the newest design with features such as through-the-glass towel mounting handles. They are also easy to clean, plus they create a sensation of more space inside the bathroom. These can either open inwards or outwards, and are a great option for smaller bathroom areas.


Glass is available in different designs too. You can either choose tinted, textured or frosted glass to make a personal statement with your RV bathroom door.

The thickness of this door would depend on the structural components of the door. However, note that the thicker and heavier the glass is, the smoother it glides.

A few motorhome shower door examples to consider:

1) Spectrum VS3280K Acordion folding foor

It fits openings which are 24'' by 36'' by 80'' high. It's durable, stylish and cost-effective. It's available in 4 colors for those who would want variety. The price is only $32 (http://is.gd/PE7zlq).

2) Australia standard Semi frame-less shower door

This door piece is a semi frame-less shower door made of high quality tempered glass. It's a sliding door, so it should save on space. The price range is between $90 and $120 (http://is.gd/uyw8m6).

3) Sanitary ware sliding 6mm tempered glass shower door for RV applications

The frame is made of aluminum alloy while the tray is acrylic. It's a nice outfit for a simple shower room. The minimalistic design simply makes it attractive. You can purchase it for only $100 (http://is.gd/mPOU1w).

4) RV shower screen or enclosure

This tempered glass shower door is easy to clean and also features an artificial stone as tray material. It also comes with solid stainless steel door handles, as well as brass hinges for durability. Size can be customized for every buyer. The least price for buying these doors is $150 (http://is.gd/5zOVrP).

5) RV shower door seals

The frame of this sliding door is made of aluminum alloy, then painted white, silver, matter silver and just about any other color one would like. It features aluminum strips for door closing, plus the tempered glass material ensures durability and easy cleaning. The price is $148 (http://is.gd/xNaQVb).

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