The Ultimate Shopping Guide For Motorhome Skylights

Motorhome skylights are essential components of any RV because they add character, brightness, as well as sense of style. They let beautiful sunbeams penetrate into the living space of your motorhome, thus giving an impression of more space.

Furthermore, a typical motorhome skylight can save you money since it eliminates the need to use daylight electricity, while also helping to keep your RV warm during winter and cool during summer season. This clearly reduces over-reliance in fuel-based heating or air conditioning. Lastly, during the summer, a ventilated skylight promotes air circulation by giving space to warm air that naturally rises.

Therefore, if you're entirely concerned with motorhome skylights and how they save RV owners money, you have to consider the features, material, as well as location where the skylight would work best.

Types of RV skylights that you should be familiar with

In every product you buy, there has to be variations of the same product. Similarly, skylights for RVs come in their own respective variants, which consist of plastic, glass, fixed and operable. Sizes and styles also vary a lot, only your money speaks. Other features to look for include insulated glazing and appropriate materials that would be of importance where your RV needs are concerned.

Things worth knowing when planning to install skylights in your motorhome

During winter, you want all the light and warmth to spread across the inside of your RV. This means that the vehicle must be parked appropriately, i.e. where it can get maximum exposure to the sunbeams. A light shaft control would spread the light evenly across the entire room. But again, a light shaft which is spread across all the 4 corners would allow maximum amount of light to enter your motorhome's living space.

If you're thinking of considering a perpendicular light shaft with vertical sides, this would mainly focus the light directly below the space. Lastly, if the light shaft is flared only in two sides, then keep in mind that all the light will be sent towards the flared sides.


Installing a motorhome skylight would be quite different from installing a skylight on the roof of your home. That's because your RV is mobile, same as the sun which moves across the sky. On the other hand, your home is fixed in one place, which makes targeting sun rays a little bit easier. Nevertheless, you can still be able to make use of the most sunbeam during winter, especially when your RV is parked in one place.

Basically, if you use your RV during winter season, you'd need to consider installing the skylight the same way you do to your roof at home.

For example, south or west-facing roofs tend to receive the most sunlight during any day. On the other hand, a roof that faces the North or East will not collect any substantial sunlight. Lastly, if you choose to face the sun directly as it is, your motorhome would quickly become a heat trap during hot weather. You'd need to keep moving the vehicle from one point to the other so it can be positioned appropriately in relation to the sun. These are all considerations you have to put in place when buying skylights for motorhomes.

This is a list of skylights you can purchase for your motorhome if you wish to spice it up for the season:

1) ICON RV Skylight SL1422W - White

This RV skylight is UV-resistant, thus better protection against harmful UV is guaranteed. It's made of thick and resistant polycarbonate, so durability is not compromised. It's a fit for all motorhomes. The price is $94 - http://is.gd/8pIFuE.

2) Specialty Recreation White Skylight model SL1422W

This is one piece of skylight made of thermo-formed polycarbonate material so it can last long. It is built to sit directly on top of your motorhome roof. It also comes with an approved utherane sealant which must be used when installing it. The price is $81 - http://is.gd/JiIjPq.

3) RV Roof Vent Lid (complete kit)

This is an RV skylight selling as a complete kit for your installation. The base is specifically made to resist rust, while the top components are plastic in nature. It's white in color, plus installation instructions are included as well. It costs $80 only. Check this link http://is.gd/NtTBIh.

4) Bri-Rus N1430D Skylight Inner Dome

This RV skylight features thermo-formed polycarbonate which is durable and also easy to clean. The manufacturer bundled it with a set of installation instructions to make it easier to put in place. It's selling at a premium price of $147 - http://is.gd/Mp5p4b.

5) Fan-Tastic Vent with Digital Wireless Remote

This is a special polycarbonate skylight lid featuring a built-in thermostat which can be controlled through auto or manual mode. The screen can be removed for ease of cleaning. Because it's more than a standard RV skylight, you should expect to pay $200 for it. More information can be found here http://is.gd/7rvAdR.

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