Motorhome Towel Bars And Rings - Decorative Bathroom Accessories

Towel rings and bars act both as decorative and functional elements in any motorhome bathroom. They are available in a wide variety of styles so as to match the décor of the bathroom and also complement other fixtures in the bathroom. When choosing these necessities for your motorhome it is important to think about where to place them both for visual impact and convenience. It is worth noting that the typical height of a towel bar mounted on the wall is usually 48 inches from the floor: this though is dependent on the height of your motorhome: at least make sure it is some respectable distance from the floor so that the towel doesn’t drag on the floor.

Towel rings can also be installed or fitted at approximately the same height: alternatively, they can be installed as free standing rings on the countertop in the bathroom if your motorhome does have one. It is worth mentioning that it is also possible to install a towel ring and bar in relatively unusual places such as the side or front of a cabinet.

If your motorhome has a large wall, you can hang two 18 inch bars side by side or one either side of the wall. If it is done side by side: allow at least an inch of space between the two. If you don’t have enough space, it is also possible to hang a towel ring on the back of the door: just make sure it doesn’t hit the wall when the door is opened since this can greatly damage the wall. To fix this, you can install a door stop at the bottom of the door so that it doesn’t have a complete swing when it is opened.

Before you buy any towel bar or ring, it is important to make sure that your motorhome walls are in good condition and can comfortably support the weight of the bar or ring. Here are some examples of available motorhome towel bars and rings. They include:

1) Product Name: Magic Mounts White Towel Ring

Product Price: $ 5.14

Product URL: http://is.gd/lJOihO

Product Details: ideal for keeping your towel handy, it is easy to install and does not require any holes to be made on your motorhome. This particular towel ring is readily available in white or beige, making it a good fit for many internal décor in most motorhomes. It is quite sturdy and sleek too.

2) Product Name: Alexandria Collection Towel Bar Set

Product Price: $ 14.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/6dVVjz

Product Details: this set does include an 18 inch towel bar, two posts and the mounting hardware. With a satin nickel finish: this is without doubt a functional addition to your motorhome bathroom. At 18 inches, this towel bar set can fit into the bathroom of most motorhomes with a lot of ease. It is relatively easy to install and very stable once it has been installed. Uses space quite effectively and can therefore hold several items.

3) Product Name: 18 Inch Magic Mount Towel bar (Almond)

Product Price: $ 6.54

Product URL: http://is.gd/FkrdH2

Product Details: this towel bar is available in two different sizes: the eighteen inch for medium sized bathrooms and the twenty four inch that’s ideal for relatively large motorhome bathrooms. It is easy to install and quite sturdy too. Unlike many other towel bars, this one can be mounted on virtually any flat surface. With an Almond finish, it does complement many bathroom interiors.

4) Product Name: Franklin Brass 18 Inch Towel Bar Set

Product Price: $ 10.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/xqXOTe

Product Details: sleek and stylish towel bar set that’s made from brass. The set comes with two posts, an eighteen inch towel bar and other mounting hardware. It does require boring of two holes at the ends at it is therefore very important to get the measurements correct so as not to have to seal one or both holes due to wrong measurements. Quite stable and will hold for a long time if fitted correctly using common hardware tools and equipments.

5) Product Name: Moen Towel Ring

Product Price: $ 20.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/WekMLs

Product Details: this towel ring is easy to install and with an antiqued brass finish, it is quite ideal for use in a bathroom which has a Victorian style. Can easily hold onto any flat surface, it is stable and light enough so as not to weigh down wherever it has been installed or fitted. A beautiful addition to any bathroom décor you may have in your motorhome.

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