Should Parents Encourage Online Computer Games For Kids During Motorhome Road Trips?

You may or may not have been exposed to computer games when growing up. However, there are higher chances that you’ve played some kind of computer game online, offline from a Smartphone app, or even from your laptop. Depending on the specific type, a computer game can do much more than just kill your boredom and elate your emotions. This begs the question, should parents encourage their children to play Online Computer Games for Kids? To best find out the appropriate answer to this question, it is worth looking at some advantages and limitations of computer gaming in kids below.

Benefits of Computer Gaming in Kids

1) Games Keep Kids Engaged

If you have at some point been the one babysitting, sometimes children can be stubborn and irritating, especially when they become too idle. As a good parent, finding a way to keep them engaged is one of the best approaches to avoid unnecessary fights with your kid. As an alternative to toys, teddy bears, storytelling, some computer games can be used help keep children engaged and pre-occupied. They can be a great approach for controlling them, especially when they have nothing else constructive to do. This can help them stay away from other activities that might be physically injurious, unsafe or considered as bad behavior. They are also a great way of killing boredom. As a matter of fact, some online computer games can be played by a single individual, which can help keep your kid cheered up when they don’t have company.

2) They Help in the Learning Process

Some games can also be great instructional tools when teaching stuff to kids. Depending on the type of game, they can be used to deliver a certain message, and perhaps teach some good morals to kids as they grow up. Consider the super-hero comic games for instance. These can be used to teach a kid how important it is to save people and be caring to others. As a matter of fact, the brain learns new things the more it gets utilized.

3) Games can Boost Memory, Sharpness, and Reasoning

A good number of computer games have been used by psychotherapists to treat people with memory disorders. This is based on the concept that the brain is just like a muscle. The more utilized and challenged, the more it grows better for better function. Keeping your kid engaged in online computer games every once in a while can help train their mind to store and retrieve information better and more efficiently. Especially those adventurous games such as memory puzzles, number games, pattern recognition, and picture identification challenges, online gaming can help boost your kids’ sharpness of mind and their degree of reasoning.

4) They Help Promote Brain development, Growth, and Creativity

An engaged mind in fun activities will generally have a positive effect on the endocrine and nervous systems. In other words, online computer games if well chosen can help promote the hormonal balance and nervous coordination in your kid’s brain. As it is known, hormones are biochemical substances that help regulate some functions in the body of a human being. Some of these functions include reactions that affect growth, brain development, and emotional well-being. By encouraging your kid to play the right type of online games, there’s a higher chance of promoting happiness, brain development, growth, and creativity.

5) Can Steer or Inspire a Kid’s Career

Unbeknownst to many, gaming programmers constitute some of the most intelligent minds the planet has seen to date. Especially with today’s trend of technological advancements, you can’t deny the fact that computer programming is among the most promising professions and will be for many years to come. If exposed at a young age, a kid might develop a passion for gaming as they grow up and even follo0w this types of career path as they grow if they cultivate their interests.

Take Caution

While online computer games are fun and quite beneficial for kids, it is important to note that some of them can also create a negative impact. Especially the highly interesting games, they can easily cause some kind of addiction. Given their young brain and immature sub-conscience, a kid might not be able to control or deal effectively with issues such as online gaming addiction. Since every person responds differently in different situations, especially during the tender age when the brain is still developing, you can’t ignore the fact that a kid may become reluctant in doing other things or engaging in other activities such as school work, for instance. If left unsupervised, your child might as well be tempted to get other inappropriate content online in the name of playing his or her favorite game that you’ve always approved of. With the above in mind, we can opine that Online Computer Games for Kids are advantageous and should be encouraged. However, a good parent should choose an age-appropriate and safe game for their kids, and supervise that they don’t get too obsessed with gaming. Below are some examples of good games.

Some Good Games for Kids

1. World of Zoo for PC

• Can be played by - Younger & older Kids
• Can Be Found On: amazon.com
• Price: $17.81
• Link: https://is.gd/QJhSEN

2. Nancy Drew; Warnings at Waverly Academy

• Can be played by - Older Kids
• Can Be Found On: amazon.com
• Price: $39.94
• Link: https://is.gd/qSRdtK

3. Babysitting Mania

• Can be played by - Older Kids
• Can Be Found On: amazon.com
• Price: $6.99
• Link: https://is.gd/2ga6Z0

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