Enjoy The Skies With The Right Parachuting Skydiving Gear

Depending on your level of experience, one can either opt to buy new or used skydiving gear. Generally, if you are new to the sport, the best option is usually to purchase used gear as you still try to figure out the types of gear you really want to use, as a matter of fact, as a beginner, you will most likely use your gear whether new or old, for the first 100 hundred jumps or so before you have to adjust the gear. This makes buying used gear more efficient and pocket friendly.

However, irrespective of whether you are buying brand new or used items, there are some basics which you have to take into consideration. First on the list, you need to get an Altimeter, Helmet, Jumpsuit and goggles. For your wrist mount altimeter, you need to choose between digital and analog units depending on your preference. When making your purchase, take into consideration the overall size of the display, the available lighting options which are bound to come quite handy during night jumps, its use of batteries and durability. Make sure the unit is comfortable on your wrist, hand and fingers.

For your helmet, go for an open faced hard helmet which allows you to get some ample field of vision. It also allows you to listen to other canopies which may be in the air. The helmet that you choose should be snug and have a chin strap or chin cup that’s easy to remove and clasp. Whenever possible, opt for a helmet that has an internal audible altimeter pocket. Typically, internal pockets tend to have a much higher success rate of preventing any damage to the audible altimeter.

The next thing you need to do is to get comfortable and clear goggles, they shouldn’t affect your field of vision and should be very comfortable. You can also start with lenses and goggles, they should be adjustable so as to be sufficiently snug if you are going on a freefall. You should start by using plastic goggles so as to avoid instances of severe eye injury emanating from metal or glass in the event of a bad landing since you are still learning the ropes of skydiving.

Jumpsuits are also important assets since they keep your street clothes well contained. Always keep in mind that every suit is made with a specific type of skydiving in mind. The two basic suit types are the free fly and the belly fly. A good suit should be made to either help increase your fall rate , assist you decrease your fall rate or just to keep you at a comfortable average fall depending on your size and body shape. It is highly recommended that you opt for a belly suit as a beginner since most of your initial dives will be mainly geared towards improving your belly flying skills so that you can jump with other learning divers. This is because the skills such as separation, grips, docking, movement, proximity or fall rate. After learning the basics of belly flying, you can then get a free flying jumpsuit. It is recommended that you talk with your instructor first before buying your jumpsuits since so as to get some local recommendations as well as the reliable dealers around.

You should also get an AAD. If you opt to get a used unit, make sure it is still within its legit service life, has been well maintained at the correct interval. You should also ensure that it operates normally and is approved for the container or harness that you want to put it into.

Here are some of the popular skydiving gear readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Vigil 2+ AAD PIN

Product Price: $ 1220.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/boshzS

Product Details: the unit does feature a patented time calculation which gives high accuracy opening as well as a patented cutter device that cuts the reserve loop twice. With special flexible connecting wires, the unit is easy to install.

2) Product Name: Parasport Italia Full Face Headwear

Product Price: $ 345.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/0U2moH

Product Details: with a visor that’s made from injection molded polycarbonate, the unit is anti-fog and anti-scratch. The wider face opening does allow for some enhanced peripheral vision, ensuring that the helmet doesn’t distract and also makes it easy to see the handles.

3) Product Name: Performance Zero Parachute

Product Price: $ 2340.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/NMhO2Z

Product Details: this is an innovative and highly capable canopy that’s ideal for a competitor who is keen on accuracy. Easy to use, reliable, durable and quite light as well.

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