Keep Entertained In Your Motorhome With A Top Rated Android Tablet


When looking for an android tablet for use in a motorhome, there are certain key factors you have to take into consideration so as to ensure that you get not only value for money but also get a device that’s durable, long lasting and reliable. Just like any other technological device, tablets differ significantly in terms of features and capabilities. In this regard, you have to first clearly identify your needs and requirements before you go out shopping. You must be very clear on what you plan to use the device for. You should decide on whether you are keen on replacing your PC or you simply want a device to indulge your TV and movie watching impulses as you travel. You also need to consider whether the ability to expand the available storage is an important factor and whether you need GPS, IR blasters or HDMI. Thus whether you plan to use the device for gaming, at home or at work or for online classes will have a significant effect on the tablet you end up buying.

When it comes to tablets, you have a choice of either going for a standard tablet or opting for a convertible unit. Stand alone units usually take the form of an oversized smartphone and consist of a handful of button on the case, a large touch screen and a charging connector. They do weigh anything between one and two pounds are less than half an inch thick; this makes them very portable and compact. On the other hand, convertible units try to combine the convenience of a tablet with the flexibility of a PC, they come with a detachable keyboard which you can snap on and use them as laptop replacements.

The next factor you need to consider is the size. Tablet sizes can be categorized as small, medium and large. At the low end, you have the small units which range from 6 to 8.3 inches; they are usually cheaper even though they tend to be underpowered. However, they are more portable and can easily fit into small bags and purses with some even fitting into pockets. For individuals with limited space and smaller space, the 7 inch tablet is ideal. The 8.9 to 10.1 inches category is referred to as medium and is where the most mainstream tablets fall into. They offer higher resolutions and larger screens and are thus ideal for watching movies and certain games. They also tend to have faster processors and therefore offer a unique experience to users with games feeling more interactive while TV shows and movies become more immersive. There are not many large or over 10.1 inch tablet devices in this category, they are very powerful and are both tablets in that they are portable and with touch screens and are also at the same time full PCs.

You should also check on the specifications of processors, RAM (Memory), Storage and Expandability as well as battery life. Generally, Android tablets do pack processors from a variety of manufacturers with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon and Samsungs Exynos chips being the most common. Be on the lookout for Exynos 8 and Snapdragon 800 Series for the best performance. Even though RAM is not a big selling point, the more you spend on the unit the more memory you are bound to get. For storage and expandability, stand alone tablets typically come with 8 or 16 GB of storage for the low end but it can go up to 128 GB for the high end units. On the other hand, convertible tablets have storage capacities of 256GB or more. Some units come with SD card readers which allow users to expand the storage capacity of the device.

Here are some of the top rated android tablets currently in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Google Pixel C

Product Price: $ 530

Product URL: https://is.gd/dJPEDe

Product Details: with a premium design, the device weighs 517g and has a screen size of 10.2 inches. With a RAM of 3GB and Storage of 32GB, it has a 2MP front camera and a rear camera of 8MP. It’s packed with power, style and the latest software updates.

2) Product Name: Dell Venue 8 7000

Product Price: $ 245.90

Product URL: https://is.gd/wOoaBR

Product Details: this is acknowledged as the worlds thinnest tablet, coming with a screen size of 8.4inches and weighing a paltry 305g, the unit has a RAM of 2GB, Storage of 16GB with a microSD slot for expansion. Both the back and front cameras are 5MP.

3) Product Name: Sony Xperia Z3 tablet

Product Price: $ 469.00

Product URL: https://is.gd/8epzwr

Product Details: with a screen size of 8 inches, the unit is quite portable. It is also very thin and light and has a very great battery life. The unit is waterproof and has a RAM of 3GB and storage of 16GB.

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